Will Canadian Winters Damage My Artificial Grass?

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January 14, 2021
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November 1, 2022

Will Canadian Winters Damage My Artificial Grass?

snow of artificial grass


Let us start with the fact that our artificial grass is all but indestructible. It is not vandal-proof. Artificial turf can be damaged by cutting it with a knife, and it will smoulder if someone uses a blow torch. It will not catch fire as it doesn’t burn.

We are confident in the robustness of our landscape grass, having covered a few driveways, likely illegal car spots in Toronto, with our turf. The homeowners park their cars on it, shovel the snow without worry and lasting years and years.

Our specialty sports turf, not that different from our landscape grass products, are specifically designed to last 20 years while 300lb players run, tackle, and just roughhousing, all while wearing metal cleats.

Our K9 Turf is designed to outlast 25-30 years of use with multiples of large and small dogs while boisterousness blitzkrieg day in and day out.




Footballers on Fake Grass

Footballers on Fake Grass


We are excited to announce that we are rolling out an enhanced product line for the 2021 calendar year. Our “Natural Real” landscape product line has served Design Turf well for years; however, as the market has evolved, so must our products. Our goal is to retain the best attributes of the “Natural Real” product line while utilizing shaped yarns’ benefits. This has led to developing a truly unique and market-leading product. For most products, we will be blending the “S” shaped yarns with our traditional “Diamond” shaped yarns to retain the classic soft natural feel of the “Diamond” products while also introducing the resiliency and durability of “S” yarns.

So our virtually indestructible turf products are about to become even more uncompromising, and a little or a lot of snow will not damage your grass in any way. If anything, the covering of snow helps protect the turf from harmful UV rays from the sun.

UV and Color Additives Treatment

Fully integrated from start to finish

Fully integrated from start to finish

Just like with any production line, we start with the raw materials. We produce our fibres with resin pellets of the highest quality, which we melt in a process to produce artificial or synthetic turf fibres. The UV inhibitors and colour additives are added in this same process to add longevity to our turf. As a result of our proprietary process, these features do not wash away with time nor fade. This process of melting the resins to create the yarn is called extrusion.

For most other products manufactured elsewhere, the fibres are extruded first, and the UV and colour are painted on the extruded fibres. A completely different process means different longevity expectations. The ProGreen process makes possible the 15-year warranty.

The transition from heavy snow to spring can be damaging to regular lawns but not with artificial grass. Quite literally, the day of spring snowmelt is the day you can enjoy your faux lawn, grab the beach towels and enjoy the passing of winter.

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