How To Install Artificial Grass

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How to Install Design Turf Artificial Landscape Grass

  1. Remove and dispose of your existing grass/ vegetation.
  2. Install ½ yard of limestone screenings, natural screenings or granular “A” per 100 sq ft. rake level or smooth and compact just once or twice. Approx. 2-3” depth
  3. Roll out your turf so that from your patio/ sitting area or the back door/window you are looking into the fibers. Cut turf to size and shape and seam pieces together if more than a 15’ widths. Use a peel and stick roofing membrane either 9” -12” wide stick together pieces keeping fibers going in the same direction.
  4. Heavily staple using 6” galvanized spikes or 6” lawn staples every 3-6” around the entire perimeter and in a grid pattern every 2’ throughout the middle.
  5. Vigorously rake or using a stiff broom fluff up fibers until upright.
  6. Sit back and relax for 30-40 years, maybe blow off debris once or twice spring and fall.

How to Install a Backyard Golf Green

  1. Remove soils to a depth of 5-8” depending on soil conditions. (More removal for clay)
  2. Install 1 yard of ¾ crushed stone and 2” of limestone screenings per sq ft raking level and compact to 95%. Add undulations in final grading if desired.
  3. Place golf cups where best suited aligning so that you have a clear path to each hole. Using a post hole digger dig a hole 8-9” depth and place sleeves into the hole. Back-fill around the sleeve using limestone screenings and pack to 100%. Run garden hose around the sleeve to ensure screenings are well pacted.
  4. Now roll out your turf roll and place over prepared bed. Cut the roll to size and shape. Seam together second roll of turf if your green size is wider than 15’.
  5. Crawling on turf find the hole locations and carefully cut and mark an x in turf where sleeve is embedded in sub-base. Now cut out your circle for cup using a knife blade running the blade firmly on inside of the sleeve. Now place your 6” cup into the cut-out sleeve. Cover the inside cup using paper bag or rag to keep infill from filling the cup
  6. Using a drop spreader, spread into the turf 1.6-2 lbs of 30 mesh silica sand into the green. Be careful to spread as evenly as possible.
  7. Using a fine spray hose spray water washing sand infill as even as possible.
  8. Enjoy your putting green!