What a dream golf green

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Nice clean lines
April 29, 2022
clean backyard river rock patio with deck plantings
Spotless backyard river rock patio with deck plantings
December 21, 2020

What golfer wouldn’t die for this peaceful setting for putting and short game chipping practise like the owner of this beautiful golf green custom designed and installed by Design Turf crews?

Turn a piece of your very own property be it  a backyard space, a side-yard or in some cases a front yard into a useful, long-lasting true mimic of a professional natural putting green.

Surprise your group the next time golfing by being the best putter in the group. There are many top level professional golfers that hone their practise on their very own artificial putting greens.

Our artificial putting greens will last 20 plus years with little to no-maintenance involved. Peace of mind for those busy homeowners. Simply bring in the flags come late fall. Leaves can be blown from time to time to keep the surface completely clean and swept of all debris.


Our PG AUGUSTA infill which helps provide ballast.  Our Envirofill infill kills ninety-nine per cent of all bacteria including moss, mould and algae. The infill Envirofill/Microban antibacterial is the only infill that comes with it’s very own manufacturer’s warranty which warrants the infill will remain effective for 16 years. Perhaps more importantly the specially sized and rounded granules of Envirofill/Microban are specific for our synthetic putting turf which makes our golf greens non-compacting and helps accept a ball from shots 40 yards.


Design Turf provides two major warranties not only significant in number of years of protection but are provably traceable. Our suppliers are North American continental manufacturers and not from risky overseas upshots with little or no history in the artificial grass industry.  Peace of mind. Our most popular artificial golf green PGAugusta comes with a 15 Year manufacturer warranty and has a 20-30 year life expectancy.

Peace of mind warranties and  peaceful settings for putting green practise is the what Design Turf offers over twenty-five years serving Toronto and beyond. https://www.designturf.ca/our-services/backyard-artificial-golf-and-putting-greens-toronto/



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