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Artificial Turf and PET Waste
December 8, 2020
6 Reasons to Consider using Artificial Grass
January 14, 2021


100% PET SAFE & They Love it

100% PET SAFE & They Love it

Artificial Turf Products for Your Pets Backyard

As the trusted source for artificial grass in Toronto and beyond, we offer the most comprehensive Pet Turf that is engineered and tailored for dogs. With our K9 Champion DF turf, your backyard will have a lush, green, realistic-look if not covered by snow. Both beautiful and durable, K9 Champion DF provides a fully draining backing metric that ensures the safety of your dog and the whole family. Dogs can run, play, and go to the bathroom on your synthetic turf just as they would with a typical grass lawn, but they will have a much harder time damaging it. You and your pets will enjoy all the benefits that real grass offers while eliminating all the demanding work required to maintain it.
Our K9 Champion DF is the perfect product for dog kennels, doggie parks and residential backyards. When used in conjunction with our antibacterial infill, the pets will be clean, safe and happy.

Everything needed to know about Pet Poop.

dog cleaning poo

Dogs poo multiple times a day.

Conscientious pet owners do their best to keep on top of cleaning up poops daily and certainly immediately while walking them in the neighbourhood. Picking up dog poop is not only a courtesy for neighbours; it is critical to prevent health risks for owners or your pets if it’s left in the yard.
Regular picking up dog poop helps to make your neighbourhood, dog park or backyard safer for everyone. Significantly it eliminates the spread of parasites and diseases that can be potentially life-threatening to your pet or other pets.
Veterinarians agree that dog poop left in a yard, street or dog park can become a pretty messy situation very quickly. Poos not picked up can be a breeding ground for maggots in the warm weather and moulds under wet climates. Most dog owners know firsthand the unpleasantness of accidentally stepping in their pet’s poop and the awful task of scrapping your shoes clean.

These concerns are more about the inconvenience; however, the more significant potential risks of dog poop are the potential of carrying the parvovirus. This potentially deadly intestinal virus and is shed in feces. Make sure to have your pets vaccinated against this not uncommon ailment.
Parvo is a very robust virus that can live in the environment for a very long time, making it essential to stay on top of your poop and scoops. No matter how diligent homeowners are in their cleaning regimes, shared experiences of the majority of dog owners would concede, there are times when leftover residual waste is not always thoroughly cleaned.

envirofill/microban antibacterial

envirofill/microban antibacterial

When these potential unpleasant conditions present themselves, Design Turf’s K9 Champion DF with Envirofill/Microban puts to rest the bacterial concerns with Microban’s component, eradicating 99% of all bacteria. In addition to harbouring bacteria, dog poop can also leave a lingering odour. Microban is also nontoxic and infused with natural microorganisms that work to break down and neutralize pet odours. Microban works day and night and comes with a 16-year effectiveness warranty.
When considering whether to make the switch to a synthetic lawn, make sure to investigate a turf that will offer the best drainage and an antibacterial infill that is recognized by industry experts alike.

Look no further than our K9 Champion DF dog and people-friendly.


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