Playground Turf

Superior Drainage, Durability & Low Temperature

For commercial applications, consider the addition of foam pads.

Greener: Our ProGreen Foam Pads are not only 100% recyclable they are made from 100% recycled, non-contaminated, post-industrial, cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam. Although that may sound like a mouthful, what it amounts to is a much more environmentally friendly product!

Easier: ProGreen Foam Pads can be partially or fully substituted for a traditional crushed stone base (soil condition dependent) which speeds up the installation and saves money.

Drier: Kids can get back to playing in as little as 15 minutes after rainfall due to the Foam Pads high rate of drainage. Less indoor time due to rainy days makes for much happier kids!

Healthier: Our pads are recycled polyethylene which are considered non-microbial and resistant to fungal and bacterial growth. In addition, they are fully free of rubber, lead, and other heavy metals.

Safer: ProGreen Foam Pads are extremely elastic and retain their shock absorption ratings for years and years. (1292-04 HIC and GMAX)

Playground Grass FAQs (for Synthetic Grass In Toronto)

What is the life expectancy of artificial grass in a playground setting?
The grass will last anywhere from 8 to 20 years, depending on how much use it gets.
Will the artificial grass fade in the sun?
Yes, but barely. Minimal fading of about 2 shades of pantone™ colors per 10 years. Special UV additives are mixed into our yarn resins greatly reducing colour fade..
Is it difficult to repair or replace areas of the artificial grass?
No, it's easy to patch, this is something you can do yourself. In case you do need to repair the playground grass be sure to save any any leftover scraps of grass after installation.

Fall-Height Standards

Our playground grass accommodates a variety of infills to meet different ATSM fall-height standards.

Benefits Of Playground Grass

Artificial turf is the perfect solution for daycares and playgrounds. Stop trying to grow and maintain grass only to be left with patches of dirt and mud and messy kids. Replace your sod with artificial turf and keep the kids cleaner, the parents happier, and be done with the mess once and for all!

Shaded Umbrellas

We are also now selling custom shade umbrellas for daycare centers

As the awareness of the dangers of UV rays increases, so does the need for effective shade options in playgrounds. Single post shade umbrellas are the ideal solution. As an ongoing effort to ensure safer playgrounds, Play Clean Ltd. has become the leading company in the GTA for single post shade umbrellas.

Today’s parents are very aware of the dangers that harmful UV rays can cause. There is no reason why kids shouldn’t be protected on playgrounds. Parents will often choose schools with covered or shaded playgrounds for their kids. With shade umbrellas, you will get more playtime on the play sets, keep the kids protected and receive more enrollments!

Over the years, PLAYclean Ltd. has established a trusting working relationship with many daycares, Montessori schools, Elementary schools, and co-ops across the Greater Toronto Area and the entire Southern Ontario, including but not limited to the YMCA, York Region District School Board, and Peel District School Board. more information, visit Play Shades, a division of Play Clean Ltd.





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