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100% manufactured in North American

  • Design Turf residential artificial landscape grass products are made with a patent-pending ProFlow backing, which drains 437 gallons per hr, a pet owner's dream come true. Gone are the days of slow draining artificial landscape grass through drainage holes and odour retaining landscape fabrics.
  • Supersoft™ fibre technology. This one-of-a-kind technology enhances the artificial grass blades' softness while maintaining its fibre strength and overall integrity.
  • Delustering eliminates unnatural shine that artificial grass may have and is an extra effort that allows homeowners to enjoy a stunning, low-maintenance lawn for years to come.
  • Superior drainage, unmatched durability, no harsh chemicals or heavy metals and the best warranties in the business, that’s why Design Turf is the clear choice for residential artificial landscape grass applications
  • All of our innovative artificial landscape grass products are entirely free of lead, heavy metals and 100% safe for kids and pets



  • DT NATURAL REAL SERIES with golden thatch (50) oz (60) oz (80) oz (110) oz
  • Our softest feeling, most natural looking faux grass
  • 1 1/2” - 1 3/4” fibers Infilled with Envirofill/Microban a 100% bacteria free solution
  • 100% Polyethylene Fibers with Patent-Pending ProFlow Quad Backing 437 gallons per hour (conventional landscape turf drains 30-40 gallons per hour)
  • Ideal for most gentle settings i.e. residential backyards


  • New Dual Fiber Series with golden thatch 70 oz and 80oz
  • Soft, doesn’t mat over even in heavy traffic, realistic looking
  • Either 1 3/4” or shorter 1 1/8 “fibers Infilled with Envirofill/Microban a 100% bacteria free solution
  • New Dual Fiber 40% more durable than conventional landscape grass, with Patent-Pending ProFlow Quad Backing. 437 gallons per hour
  • Designed for heavy traffic & all landscape conditions. Shorter fibers for more manicured considerations and easy clean-up for doggie waste

BEYOND TURF -Dramatically Cooler

  • Lowest Carbon footprint OF ALL TURF PRODUCTS
  • Fairlawn/Greenplay no thatch (60) oz (70) oz (80) oz
  • Infill is 100 percent environmentally sustainable, recyclable in nature
  • 1 3/4” Fibers Infilled with 100% Organic Greenplay. Grass stays almost as cool as real grass
  • Very soft feeling, doesn’t mat over, realistic looking
  • New Dual Fiber without thatch fibers
  • 40% more durable than conventional landscape grass, with Patent Pending ProFlow Quad Backing 437 gallons per hour
  • Perfect for heavy traffic areas & schools, daycares & larger properties
Family enjoying soccer on artificial turf


Yes, you can play barefoot on artificial grass! CorkOnut® provides the lowest artificial turf/infill system temperatures by far and the closest to natural grass. Surface temperatures are significantly cooler than with any other type of sand, rubber or plastic infill. Core temperatures which establish the long-term cooling effect throughout the day have been proven with CorkOnut® to be even lower than natural grass.

Danille Black, Toronto ON

“We had such an amazing experience working with Design Turf. The team is super friendly and professional. We had a very shady and uneven yard full of tree roots and we did not think much could be done with the space, but the result is outstanding. Everything from quoting / arrangements/installation was seamless and exactly as described. The installation only took one day and when we arrived home from work our toddler squealed and rolled around for hours. We have been enjoying picnics on the grass every evening ever since. Such an incredible difference and we cannot believe we waited 5 years to get this done. All the thumbs up for this company and they work they did”.

Quality Envirofill Fiber Artificial Grass for Toronto


All Design Turf products are 100% lead free and are 100% embedded with colour and UV treatment. We add our colour pigment, UV Treatment & Cool Fiber additive to the Exxon Mobile resins, mix it all together and then extrude the fibers. All others first extrude the fibers and then topically spray on the colour pigment and UV Treatment. A much different process



We infill Design Turf landscape grass products with ENVIROFILL/MICROBAN. Our infill will kill 99% of all bacteria and 95% of pet odours

"We turned an old Toronto shared backyard/driveway into an oasis. I can’t speak enough about the craftsmanship, and the kindness of the team at Design Turf. Literally, their work has changed our lives".

Ryan Hughes, Toronto ON

Our artificial turf creates a welcoming, cool space to any yard


  • The new Diamond series is now with “patent pending” ProFlow Backing technology
  • Diamond shaped 3D cross section makes for
  • Higher stability and Resilience
  • Slightly Thinner yet Stronger grass blade
  • More dense, lush and overall esthetic appearance
  • We gain strength in the blade, while still maintaining our unique ProGreen Super Soft technology
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Dave Stewart, Toronto ON

“I received 6 quotes to turf the area around my deck this spring. All of the companies had fantastic owners/sales staff who produced great samples. After all my research, Jerome had the best product at the best price. (you can really tell the difference that the product is NOT made in China). Once you see the samples, the product will speak for itself. The best part though wasn't even the price or the product. It was the installation crew. It took 6 guys about 4 hours to remove everything (a lot of work) and finish the installation for 400 square feet. They didn't just do a great job, they worked quickly and efficiently, were extremely friendly, and cleaned up beyond my expectations with exceptional attention to detail. Best of all, one guy on the crew is a drainage's literally "what he does" if that's a really shouldn't be. If you're on the fence, let me push you towards Design Turf, you simply won't regret it. If you're like me, after reviewing all the different companies and see it as a no-brainer, rest assured once the job is complete you'll definitely have the satisfaction of knowing you made the right decision. My mother-in-law had her yard done too....exact same experience and we've both offered our properties as a place for potential customers to look at if need be...THAT's how happy we are with the service.


Using world class materials, providing first class services

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