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Synthetic grass for golf has become more and more popular by the year. Without the fuss of maintaining a natural grass green or fairway, synthetic golf grass lets you focus on what you care about most, golfing.

PG Augusta Specifications

Height: 9/16" (+/- 1/8") Face Weight: 36 ounces per square yard.
Primary Backing: Dual Polypropylene.
Secondary Backing: Reinforced double backing.
Face Yarn Type: Twined Proprietary Polypropylene Blend.
Width: 15′

Putting Green Surface:

PG AUGUSTA has the best ball roll of any polypropylene putting surface available! It putts true in every direction and is non-directional. Our PGAUGUSTA rolls true on the day installed, and stays that way for the life of the product some 25-30 years. It can run to a 10 on the stim meter.  Install over aggregate base (finely crushed stone), chip from up to 40 yards out (3 lbs. of infill sand required.) OR glue over concrete or modular surface (when glued no infill is required, but it only chips well from 10 yards out.)

PG 2500 Specifications

Height: 7/8"
Face Weight: 30 ounces per square yard.
Primary Backing: 2 layers of polybac.
Secondary Backing: 20 ounce Poly Urethane Coat.
Face Yarn Type: 5700 denier polypropylene.
Width: 15′

Long Ball Green: PG 2500 is installed over an aggregate base (finely crushed stone), chip from up to 60 yards out when used with 4 lbs. per square foot of ProFlex.

PG 4000 Specifications

Height: 1.125" Face Weight: 36 ounces per square yard.
Primary Backing: Dual 13/18 Polybac.
Secondary Backing: 20 ounce Poly Urethane Coat.
Face Yarn Type: 100% Olefin.
Width: 15′

Extreme Long Ball Green: PG 4000 is installed over an aggregate base (finely crushed stone) chip from up to 120 yards out! Add a ProGreen foam pad under your green to accept shots from 200 yards out when used with 6 lbs. of ProFlex per square foot.

proflex top dressing

ProFlex is a proprietary ratio of infill sand and crumb rubber specifically formulated for optimal synthetic putting green performance. When combined with our green top dressing it will create the best-performing and best-looking green available.

A well designed artificial golf green PGAUGUSTA compliments the landscape and the landscape compliments the golf green. This green is approx. 600 sq ft (5) holes and 2’ fringe around the perimeter. This set-up is about $15,000 fully installed. Homeowner also had Design Turf install an 8’ high x 5’ custom hitting net and tee mat A golfer’s dream hit the driver into the net or practise putting to your hearts content.

This (3) hole artificial golf green PGAUGUSTA fits nicely in the corner of backyard wrapping around the garden beds and trees. A small green starts at $3,000 all in. + the artificial grass surrounding it.

This beautiful backyard is the perfect backdrop for a (4) artificial turf golf green PGAUGUSTA. Although lacking undulating it fits the formal appearance and makes for great practise on long putts.

Larger lots can allow for artificial golf green surfaces for not only great putting but also for holding shots just like a real golf course green. Both our Sand Filled greens PG2500 hold shots 100 yards and better still our PG4000 hold 150 Yards. Add a sand bunker starting at $3,000.00

Shawn Clement Canada’s pre-eminent Golf Instructor now endorses Design Turf artificial putting greens.

For those of you who do not know yet who I am, please consult my bio and know that I am a lifer in Golf and was put on this planet to help people enjoy a game that is so profound on so many levels. Golf can be played so easily with the right focus and can be so incredibly frustrating and elusive when you are focused on the wrong task.

The most important tool that started me properly on this journey was the experience I had from age 17 (I am now 51) with the Canadian Ski Patrol and their relentless passion in making sure you knew what you were doing when treating a victim with a broken limb on the ski hill before transporting to hospital with vital information for the Emergency MD.

This information helped guide me through the maze of golf instruction that was based purely on opinions that were based on assumptions of how the human body works. To this day, we do not have any documents, seminars, manuals on basic anatomy in the field of golf instruction which is very disturbing considering we are on the front lines of your abilities to learn this game and play for life!

  • So, chalk up 6 years on the Ski Patrol from 1982 to 1988
  • Started playing golf in 1977 and teaching in 1984 at the tender age of 19
  • First full time position as a teacher at the Grey Rocks resort in 1988
  • Royal Laurentian Golf Club in 1989
  • Golf 57 in 1990-93
  • Owned and operated my own golf store North of Montreal from 1993-96
  • America’s Favourite golf schools Head Instruction at Penn National PA and Examiner for US Golf Teacher’s Federation 1996-1999
  • Canadian Tour and North Florida PGA mini tour 1997 to 1999
  • Intrawest Mt Tremblant 1999-2001
  • Taboo Resort and Spa (Mike Weir’s Home Course) 2002-2004
  • Playing and Instruction Editor for Golf Tips Magazine from 2001 to 2004
  • Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre 2005 to present.
  • 2011 final 3 Nominee for PGA of Ontario Teacher of the Year

Television and Radio Experience

  • Most Popular Teacher on YouTube from 2007 to 2012 and top 5 instructor (I refuse to buy subscribers) now with over 30 Million hits and counting with 65 thousand natural and unsolicited subscribers. My own website and forum is closing in on 20 thousand members
  • Started important initiative with Jose Kuhn with and #Millionnewgolf and @millionnewgolf with Conor O’Shea. These keep me in the loop as to important new discoveries of Learning motor skills from multiple points of view and makes me a better teacher and coach; which in turn, makes you a better golfer!
  • Naz and Wally Sports Hour on AM 740 Toronto 2014 – Can’t forget the Zoomers! My Specialty! Insanely important to have a powerful action in any sport that will not strain your body and injure you; this defeats the whole purpose and is not acceptable!
  • Top rated entry at Golf Channel’s Instructor Search, Over 800 votes for my entry with Skully and most used entry on Golf Central. They just were not ready for me! 🙂 One day my time will come and the rest of the golf industry will know and understand why the only way to learn is with Wisdom!
  • July 2001, Golf Channel’s Academy Live with Jerry Foltz and Mike Ritz
  • Golf tips for Cogeco Cable’s Golf Show 1997-1999
  • Golf Tips after traffic report at Radio CKAK Montreal 1992-1993

So, by now, you know what I have done, you know that I know what I am doing, you have a better Idea what I have gone through to get you this cutting edge, top of the heap way to learn motor skills pertaining to golf and, according to many of my thousands of testimonials, other sports such as tennis, baseball, hockey, ping pong, skiing, fishing, carpentry, demolition, grass whipping and scything just to name a few!

Hang on to your hats, this great ride just keeps on getting better and we are in this for the long haul, so get on the roller coaster and stay on it as we head down the rabbit hole to Golf Wonderland!

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