Superior Drainage, Durability And Softness



100% Pet Friendly, No More Muddy Paws

If you are in the market for pet turf you have come to the right place.

Traditional turf drains via perforations leaving residual fluids in the turf. Over time, this drainage issue can lead to horrible odors and bacteria. This has been a difficult problem to solve with synthetic turf in the past but with our new ProFlow drainage technology, odour and bacteria concerns have become a thing of the past..

SAFE durable and clean surface for your dog

Drainage needs to be top notch on any synthetic lawn, but it is especially important when installing artificial turf for pets!

This has been a problem to solve with synthetic turf in the past but with our turf we've solved this beautifully with our ProFlow drainage technology.

ProFlow backing lets all the fluid flow right through it.
SAFE durable and clean surface for your dog

K9- DUAL FIBER – 70 with ProFlow Backing

'Constructed to withstand the best our furry friends dish out. K9-Dual Fiber –70 offers a practical and economic alternative to any conventional turf. Our ProFlow ™ QuadriBIND ™ Backing ensures maximum durability and superior drainage for the lowest maintenance doggie turf draining 437 gallons per hour. Conventional turf backings allow for 40-50 gallons per hour.

The ProFlow ™ Technology

ProGreen is proud to introduce a new, non-perforated backing that drastically affects the drainage efficiency of our turf called ProFlow. This patent-pending, non-perforated technology doesn’t require holes in the backing for drainage. Despite the fact that ProFlow has no holes, it is still completely permeable and increases the drainage capacity by 400%.

Combining ProFlow with our moisture-resistant fibers, you can be confident that our artificial grass will be cleaner, drier and free from any unpleasant pet odors. ProFlow eliminates all of the problems associated with perforated backings including particles clogging the holes and interfering with the drainage efficiency and even weeds growing through the drainage holes.

The ProFlow backing is comprised of two heavy gauge woven layers, one five pick layer and a final coating of a high-viscosity polyurethane compound. Before this compound is applied to the turf, it’s injected with air that creates passages that allow for free flow drainage. ProFlow will provide a percolation rate that stays consistent through the life of your turf product.

Unbeatable Durability DUAL FIBER-70

Our new Dual Fiber is 40% more durable than all conventional monofilament turf fibers. Our fibers are 1 1/2” long constructed with Fibrillated Parallel Long-Slit/Mono-filament with a 4800 texturized Polyethylene Thatch. The total product weighs in at 85 oz. YD2 and is backed by a 15-Year Ultraviolent Degradation (Third Party Insured) Certified Heavy Metal and Lead-free,


  • Dog Runs
  • Pet Kennels
  • Dog Parks
  • Residential Landscape (for dog owners)
  • Surrounding Poolscapes
  • Roof Tops
  • Common Spaces (commercial properties)

Meet Zak George, world renowned dog trainer and his buddy “Goose” as they demonstrate the durability of our K9-70 turf!

Say goodbye to dirty paws and a torn up lawn.

IPMA Certified

New Dual Fiber

40% Stronger Than All Others

Prokool Fiber

11-15 Degrees CELSIUS Cooler

15 Year Warranty

Best Warranty Fully Backed By A Third Party Insurer








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Coated Sand

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Using world class materials, providing first class services

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