DT offers three exceptional Artificial Daycare & Playground Grass. Our popular & most robust DT Optimum DF is durable and looks great in all playground applications. Our DT Playpro offers extreme softness, making both products the safest surfacing materials for kids. Our artificial daycare & playground Grass "DT Optimum" & "DT Playpro" are lead-free and meets all fall height safety requirements of the ASTM. Also, it increases outdoor playtime by eliminating puddles and mud. Design Turf's newest entrée, "Fairlawn- Greenplay," is excellent for daycares because of the COOL FACTOR, staying almost as COOL as real grass, providing a cushiony feel and meeting all ASTM requirements.

artificial grass for daycares & playgrounds
artificial grass for daycares & playgrounds

artificial grass for daycares & playgrounds
Beyond Turf | Safety Performance


Greenplay is America's natural Infill company, nationally proven for use in private and public schools as the safest and most environmentally compatible artificial playground grass turf filler. Natural and durable coconut fibres are harvested from pesticide-free crops and blended with pure cork granules to fill the turf and work safely and in harmony with the natural surroundings


Always buy North American made products. Artificial grass gets its Colour, UV Treatment and Cool Reflective properties through the addition of certain additives. The US has the strictest consumer-protection laws in the world. Overseas manufacturers have few regulations and little enforcement. ProGreen employs a 100% Proprietary premium metallocene polymer from Exxon Mobil and uses “No Fillers” in fibre resins. Often Overseas products employ inexpensive resins and unknown fillers to the fibres. ProGreen uses No Lead and No Heavy Chemicals. Our new Dual Fibers provide UNMATCHED DURABILITY lasting 2-3 times that of conventional artificial playground grass products.


Fairlawn Artificial Playground Grass The Coolest

Ultimate environmental compatibility with the lowest carbon footprint of any turf system. A truly green system utilizing the deepest Sprint Turf DFE Dual Fiber Turf .



The 100% organic plant-based infill absorbs natural moisture and slowly releases it back into the atmosphere like natural grasses evaporative cycle. This evaporative cycle, along with the inherent low bulk density of the organic material, is the only two critical factors that significantly reduce turf temperatures. The FIFA Method 14 test classifies Greenplay Artificial Playground Grass as a Category 1, same as grass at <122°F.



Some landscape turf can be abrasive. This can be an issue with children running and sliding on the lawn. Fairlawn uses a proprietary fiber formal that reduces the abrasiveness of the surface to be more like grass. The abrasive index of natural grass is rated as 20 (ASTM F1505), Greenplay's average rating is 21



Low Temperature, Durability, Non-Toxic

Our Artificial Playground Grass “OPTIMUM & PLAYPRO is our Traditional artificial playground grass used for its softness and, combined with Envirofill/Microban, eliminates 99% of Bacteria is first in its class for both maximum durability and cool factor.


Shade Umbrellas

We now sell custom
shade umbrellas
for daycare centers

Foremost on the minds of all parents concerning heat alerts are becoming the norm and increasing every year. Finding effective ways to shade play areas is a growing problem and so, Design Turf has added their new single-pole Shade Umbrellas to their daycare offerings.

Design Turf now offers umbrellas that span 10’ -18’ which are UV Treated providing long-lasting solutions that will advantage any Daycare offering safer playgrounds. The umbrellas are available in multiple colours and are easy to install, providing instant cooling areas for the kids to take cover.

For more playtime for the kids and full protection from harmful UV rays, increased enrollments start by booking your appointment to get a snapshot of what the future could look like for your school and kids.

synthetic playground grass with umbrella
daycare shade umbrella



Serious Protection
For a
Not-So-Serious Audience

DT offers three exceptional daycare turf products DT Optimum DF, DT Playpro and our new for 2020 Fairlawn Greenplay. Fairlawn/Greenplay is great for daycares because of the COOL FACTOR and provides a soft cushiony feel for busy children.

Buy with confidence knowing an 8 Year Warranty backs our Therma Green Foam Pads with 2-3 turf life expectancy.

Therma Green warrants against cracking, shattering, or deteriorating under normal use and that the panels will not compress by more than fifteen percent subjected to stress loads over those ordinarily occur during the use for a playground.


Foam Pad Advantages


Therma Green Foam Pads are made from 100% recycled, non-contaminated post-industrial cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam. Therma Green Foam Pads are 100% recyclable.


Depending on local soil conditions, Therma Green Foam Pads can be used as a partial or total replacement of crushed stone beneath the artificial turf, saving you both time and money by speeding up the installation process. Therma Green Foam pads have the best cost/benefit ratio of any other pad on the market today


Your children can get many days and hours of benefit from your playground of how efficiently our pads drain water. Usually, your kids can be playing with 15-20 minutes after a rainfall. Our Therma Green foam pads drain over 36 gallons per hour vertically and up to 7.25 gallons per hour horizontally, making them ideal for residential and commercial use.


Our Therma Green Foam pads are completely free of rubber, lead, and other heavy metals. Our recycled polyethylene foam pads are non-microbial, which makes it resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.


Therma Green Foam Pads are highly elastic and retain their great shock absorption characteristics for many years. Our foam pads will provide you with many years of consistent and safe 1292-04 HIC and GMAX ratings.*

Foam Pad Specs

6’ Fall Height: (1) 1” pad with Design Turf Grass, infilled with 3.25 lbs of Greenplay over 2” compacted aggregate base.

8’ Fall Height: (1) 2.125” pad, with Design Turf Grass, infilled with 3.25 lbs of Greenplay over a 2” bed of compacted aggregate base.

14’ Fall height: (2) 2.125” pads stacked together, with Design Turf artificial grass infilled with 3.25 lbs of Greenplay over 2” bed of compacted aggregate.

All test results are available by request:

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Using world class materials, providing first class services

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