Design Turf putting greens are manufactured to have the best ball roll of any putting surface. Available are 2 turf options providing chipping ranges from 40-150 yards. Our PG Augusta rolls true on the day installed for the life of the putting surface some 25-30 years


A New Gold Standard in Golf Greens

Over 20 Years we’ve seen it all. We’ve combined the best turf, the best base, with an infill that matters.
This makes for a golf green surface top-level pros would be thrilled to call their own

Artificial Golf Greens And Fringe Rough

The Foremost Ultimate Putting Green Surface On The

OUR PG AUGUSTA has the best ball roll of all polypropylene golf turf putting surfaces. Our PG AUGUSTA is non-directional, making every putt consistent & true on the day installed through the life of the product upwards of thirty years. Achieving stimp speeds of 10.6 provides accurate putting practice mimicking the best of any real grass golf green. Our PG Augusta accepts 40-yard chips as precisely as any real golf green. Manufactured exclusively in the USA for Design Turf.

PG Augusta

Product Specification

Height: 9/16"

Face Weight: 36 oz. per yard².

Primary Backing: Dual Polypropylene.

Secondary Backing: Reinforced double backing.

Face Yarn Type: Twined Proprietary Polypropylene Blend.

Width: 15′

5 hole putting green with artificial golf turf in North YorkOntario
A well-designed artificial golf green compliments the landscape, and the landscape compliments the golf green. This is 5 holes, approx. 6000 sq. ft. of PG Augusta and features a 2” fringe around the perimeter. This set-up is about $15,000 fully installed. The homeowner also had Design Turf install and 8’X5’ custom hitting net and tee mat. Hit the driver into the net or practice putting to your heart’s content, a golfer’s dream.
gorgeous putting green made of synthetic turf
This beautiful backyard is the perfect backdrop for this 4-hole golf green using PG Augusta. Although lacking undulations, it fits the formal appearance of this yard and makes for great practice on long putts.
maintenance free putting green at home in etobicoke
This three-hole artificial golf green features PG Augusta and fits nicely in the corner of this backyard, wrapping around the garden beds and trees. A small green like this starts at approx. $3,500 all in.

PG Augusta 2500 Long Ball Greens


Ideal for the customers with larger lots wanting to practice holding shots from 150 yards and hone their putting skills, look no further than our sand filled PG2500. It is the perfect multi-functional product that accepts shots from those go-to-distances and better yet putts to an unbelievable 12 on the stimp meter. Manufactured exclusively in the USA for Design Turf.

PG 2500

Product Specification

Height: 7/8"

Face Weight: 30 ounces per yard².

Primary Backing: 2 layers of polybac.

Secondary Backing: 20 ounce Polyurethane Coat.

Face Yarn Type: 5700 denier polypropylene.

Width: 15′

Long Ball Greens

PG 2500 golf turf is installed over a 6” compacted aggregate stone base. Perfect for accepting shots from 150 yards with 5.5 lbs. of Envirofill per ft² is used.



Just as important as our world-class turf, the infill is an equally critical component of our putting green system. Not only is our Envirofill/Microban infill a great aesthetic and helps dictate the ball-to-surface interaction but perhaps, more importantly, it will increase the longevity of the green, killing 100% of all bacteria negating weed growth, algae, mold, and moss.


Microban protection suppresses the growth of microorganisms within the product it covers. When the product surface interacts with microbes, the Microban protection will permeate the microorganism’s cell wall, thus diminishing the cell functions, and making the microorganism unable to grow and reproduce. The Microban protection doesn’t end there. It continues to deter the growth of microbes that cause odor, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Microban has an added benefit of making products easier to clean.

The protective coating on Envirofill is exceptionally resilient. Envirofill backs the durability providing a 16-year warranty on both color and antimicrobial effectiveness making this infill warranty unmatched in the industry

Artificial Putting Green & Golf Turf Toronto And Area

Synthetic grass for golf has become more and more popular by the year. Without the fuss of maintaining a natural grass green or fairway, synthetic golf grass lets you focus on what you care about most, golfing.




  • Fully patented and unique-nothing else like it
  • Made Exclusively in the USA—One Year Warranty
  • Automatically lifts and spreads out golf balls back onto the putting surface with a simple motion
  • Stays in the cup but easily removed
  • Golf balls will not fall back into the cup
  • All are made from the same stainless steel-high quality powder coated steel.
  • Custom flags, finishes and colours are available
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Using world class materials, providing first class services

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