New Artificial Turf Technology

Setting Design Turf Apart From The Rest Of The Industry

Diamond blade now found in:
Natural Real 40, 50, 60, 80, K9 Deluxe

Diamond series is now with new “patent pending” Pro-Flow backing technology

Diamond shaped 3D cross section makes for:

  • Higher Stability and Resilience
  • Slightly Thinner yet Stronger grass blade
  • more dense, lush and overall authentic appearance

We can gain strength in the blade, while still maintaining our unique Design Turf Supersoft technology.

As well, our products come with “thatch" fibers that keep the blades of grass standing upright. These products use the most advanced resin technology to date created by ProGreen. We are the only company to offer Supersoft™ fiber technology, which enhances the softness of the artificial grass blades while still ensuring the tensile strength and overall integrity. We have devoted extensive research and development into all our products, resulting in a durability and performance than cannot be matched, and this includes our newest PROKOOL technology that reduces the surface temperature of the turf by 22 degrees. As such, no other artificial turf products can match the feel of Design Turf.

Following an international tactile test amongst 3 leading synthetic grass products, when asked, “which one feels the softest?” our new Diamond blade was chosen 100% of the time.
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Using world class materials, providing first class services

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