Cheap Artificial Grass

Beware And Understand The Difference In Quality

Not All Artificial Grass Is The Same. So How Do I Know Which One To Buy?

Fake grass is ever increasing in popularity year after year. It makes perfect sense many companies have joined the business of selling and installing synthetic turf. Without doubt you are likely seeking a few quotes from different contractors, and thus it is vital to arm yourself with the right questions to ask so you know you are buying quality in terms of the turf and the install. As a result, we urge you to review the below details covering some of the differences among artificial grass and we invite you to reach out and with any questions you may have.

Low Grade Resins – Not Your Friend

This competitor product fail results from poor low grade resin utilized to manufacture the fake grass. Nowadays a large volume of artificial grass originates out of China made from poor below standard resins. This also occurs with some synthetic grass that comes from USA. The main resin used in the manufacturing process is known as Polyolefin.  Yarn production mostly involves Polyethylene (PE) and in a smaller number of circumstances Polypropylene (PP) which is primarily used for backing fabrics.

Foreign manufactured artificial turf has been showing signs of failure as quickly as 3 to 4 years post installation. This is certainly an unfavorable outcome resulting from low grade resin that fades or even worse, melts. Resin with ineffective UV stabilizers will let you down. We are also seeing excessive fillers leading to this premature break down. Our quality yarn made in our North American plants lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 years. The range is a factor of usage. However not all yarn is the same even when it comes from North America. Manufactures enhance profits by using fillers and poor resins. This also is rampant beyond the yarn and is seen in low grade latex backings. Complaints of backings that crack and crumble stem from filler laced latex-backed turf. Here in North America we use a urethane secondary coat vs latex. The practice of using latex is not good for the consumer and bad for the industry.

We invite you to keep top of mind the ramifications that can come with purchasing turf that is ‘cheap’, supplied by companies that are new in the industry.  Our parent company, ProGreen International has been in this business for a long time dating back to 1987. We have been standing behind our products for over 25 years.

Why Choose Design Turf?

When selecting your artificial grass supply company don’t be fooled by warranties that go beyond the yarn manufacturer 8 year term. They may look good at the outset however without the manufacturer behind the warranty who is protecting you beyond the 8 years? With Design Turf you have the best supplier in the business with an exceptional track record and proven product.